Porbiota imagem
Photo Ben Berwers
PORBIOTA supports the mobilization and analysis of biodiversity and environmental systems, in several areas

PORBIOTA as a Portuguese Research Infrastructure (RI) distributed, is responsible for data storage and organization, providing open access platforms on biodiversity in the following areas:

seta Species occurrence - promoting access and scientific use of primary biodiversity data

seta Environmental genetics and Metagenomics - construction and provision of a reference collection of DNA sequences barcoding

seta Ecosystem Monitoring - long-term ecological research and monitoring

seta Atmosphere-Biosphere Interfacesmonitoring carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases

seta Natural science collections - digital unification of Portuguese natural science collections


The distributed and evolutionary development of the e-Infrastructure PORBIOTA will facilitate its replication in other locations, with a major boost for science and technology, namely for the domain of natural sciences.