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Supporting biodiversity and ecosystems research and providing open resources and tools 

PORBIOTA is a distributed e-Infrastructure supporting biodiversity and ecosystems research by providing open resources and tools to the scientific community.

As an e-Infrastructure, PORBIOTA aims at advancing the application of biodiversity and ecosystem-based approaches in the effective implementation of environmental-related policies, governance, conservation planning and management of protected areas and human-shaped environments.

Developed for core areas such ecosystem monitoring, species occurrence, genetics and environmental metagenomics, atmosphere and biosphere interfaces in alignment with the researcher community, the academic community, technicians working in conservation, curators, policymakers and the public (e.g. citizen science).

PORBIOTA also aims at providing the national interface with European and international infrastructures working in similar areas. It is at present the national node of LifeWatch ERIC (LifeWatch Portugal) and is deeply engaged in eLTER, ICOS, DISSCo and GBIF.